Finding Joy in Medicine by Reza Manesh MD

The Book

Finding Joy in Medicine

Dr. Reza Manesh is a leading voice in medical education. But his journey wasn’t easy. By learning and cultivating three important traits–humanism, humility, and hunger for growth–he has found joy in medicine.

Through deeply personal stories from the front lines of medical training and practice, Reza shares how he developed a sense of purpose and found his passion in medicine.

In this motivational memoir, Reza shares the wisdom he has gained from his teachers, his patients, and his beloved grandfather.

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Book Description

For Dr. Reza Manesh, a life caring for others hasn’t been easy. By learning and cultivating three important principles, he found joy in practicing medicine.

Through deeply personal stories, Reza shares how he came to value humanism, humility, and a hunger for growth over the course of his medical career. He shares moments of finding his purpose, of finding his passion and, ultimately, finding his love of medicine.

In this motivational memoir, Reza shares the challenges he faced at each stage of his journey to becoming a clinician. He hopes to help those who, like him, have wondered whether they are good enough to work in health care. He speaks to anyone struggling to find joy in medicine or contending with emotional or physical exhaustion on their path to becoming a health care professional.

Dr. Manesh is a general internist, a teaching physician at an academic institution, and an associate professor of medicine. He is also the co-founder of the Clinical Problem Solvers, whose mission is to democratize the teaching of diagnostic reasoning. The CPSolvers podcast has listeners in over 165 countries.

What Readers Are Saying


“In Finding Joy in Medicine Reza Manesh has crafted a magnificent love song to medicine. Part memoir, part reflection, this short work echoes with the beauty and suspense, the exhilaration and heartbreaks of love itself. And throughout it all, like a bass line, flows the essential wonder and pleasures of learning and teaching. A joy to read.”

– Lisa Sanders MD, Yale School of Medicine and Contributing Writer, New York Times Magazine

“The journey from layperson to physician is, in essence, a typical professional transformation of novice to expert. But in this soulful memoir, Reza Manesh makes clear that the journey is about far more than the acquisition of technical expertise. It’s about calibrating confidence and humility, about knowing when less is more, about connecting with the right role models and mentors, and about finding sources of satisfaction and joy in the face of frequent tragedy. While the phenomenon of physician burnout is very real, reading Finding Joy in Medicine reminded me of the unique privilege of being a doctor.”

– Dr. Robert M. Wachter, Professor and Chair, Dept. of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco, author of The Digital Doctor: Hope, Hype and Harm at the Dawn of Medicine’s Computer Age

“Through humility and humanity, authenticity and vulnerability, Dr. Manesh shares the origin and evolution of his passion for being a consummate and caring clinician and teacher.  The insights Reza shares about how he learned to say “I don’t know”—and his ongoing work in the medical community to champion safe spaces to be able to say that at all ages and stages of practice—stand to dramatically reshape how medicine embraces growth mindset.  His sage wisdom is raw, deeply moving, and gorgeously shared.  This book deserves to be required reading, and it is one for the ages.”


– Avital O’Glasser, MD, FACP, FHM; Associate Professor of Medicine, Oregon Health & Science University

“In Finding Joy in Medicine, Reza shares his journey to becoming a renowned physician, beloved teacher, and inspiring mentor to countless students around the world. Filled with moving reflections and pearls of wisdom from Reza and those he has learned from, this book is a master class in humility and humanity. Finding Joy in Medicine should be required reading for everyone practicing or studying medicine.”

– Dr. Aaron Berkowitz, author of One by One by One: Making a Small Difference Amid a Billion Problems

“A career in medicine is an intense journey filled with emotional juxtapositions. There is tremendous achievement and deep sadness; joy and guilt, boundless elation and crushing fatigue. In “Finding Joy in Medicine”, Dr. Manesh’s glorious ode to this incredible profession, we see and feel his odyssey which in turn helps us come to grips with our own journey. This is a wonderful gift from a remarkable teacher, Dr. Manesh’s book will resonate deeply.”

– Mark Shapiro, MD creator and host, Explore The Space Podcast